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  Creator : TOXIC

  Date : 04/010/2018

[Added] All creatures can now be tamed  - standard procedure find a baby tame it.
[Added] All creatures/NPC now drop Vanilla swgemu loot. Weapons,Armor,Components,Junk ect ect
Weapon loot templates have been reduced heavily. When looting a weapon the min/max will be lower than the standard swgemu loot rolls, this is to still keep the main focus on looting weapon components to make end game weapons by crafters. yellow exception and legendary still roll with [1.5] [2.5] [5.0] multipliers.
[Added] The ability for skill mods to roll on your looted [Clothing] [Armor] [Weapons]
[Added] Faction pets are now able to attack neutral creatures/npc's[Added] Increased the amount of At-St Imperials can call out at a time from 1 to 3. This is in line with the Rebels At-Xt which can have up to 3 out as well.
[Image: lE4lSmt.gif]

[Added] Reworked the old phoenix Bounty System for player bounties, When you die from an enemy player, a new box will pop up allowing you to place 25,000 credits on a [Player] bounty or allowing you to place up to [250,000] credits on a jedi. If a player kills you that is not a jedi the max you can place on them is 25,000 jedi are the only exception when it comes to higher bounties, we still want to keep the main bounty focus on them.
[Added] Stims can now heal a small portion of your mind
[Added] Reduced Buff prices on medical Service terminals
[Added] Player buffs will now persist on death, allowing you retain the full potential of your buff session
[Added] Medical ratings for doctors have been increased on all Player/NPC Hospitals buildings from 100 to 125 This means doctors can buff in Hospitals at there maximum potential without having to call a droid out, You still can use a droid in the hospitals if you wanted no extra bonus will be added.
[Image: zKXKpTJ.gif]

[Added] Improved Player Travel UI Interface, The older stretched out buggy Ui has been rework to be more responsive when used. Removed planets that were not finished, Currently only completed plants are added to the planet map, you can still travel to other zones using the ticket selection menu. The ability to buy tickets and fly into a cell has been added as well, your first chance at using this will be with the Nova Space Station, when buying a ticket now it will board you onto the space station, This space station is where you can find our boss raid system, a terminal in the back room of the Nova space station allows you and your friends to travel to 5 different boss encounters, these encounters have special loot added to them along with improved Ai to give you a much diffrent expeirence then the standard game play.
[Image: nZzAOxy.gif]

[Removed] Artifact loot, silver, gold, platinum crates from creatures/npc loot tables. You can still obtain these from locked containers. Some of these items will be making there way back in the next patch when they get refactored into the new loot system upgrade that's being worked on.
[Image: giphy.gif]

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