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Live:Gray Jedi Profession
[Image: x7TWier.jpg]

Gray Jedi Profession Info

Gray Jedi profession consists of 4 Gray Jedi tree's.
Gray Jedi requires 250 skill points, this guarantees you all 4 Jedi tree's.
Gray Jedi may not mix this profession with any other professions.
Gray Jedi cannot join any factions or go overt. 
Gray jedi loose Xp on death.
Gray Jedi still can gain visibility "client effect will display if you are gaining visibility"
Player vs player can only be done during bounty hunts or when using /duel with another player.
Gray Jedi, for the most part, are strictly a PVE orientated profession.
Trainers can be found in the Village on dathomir.

Gray Jedi Profession Tree's
First Tree
[Image: xUFeH8N.gif]

Second Tree
[Image: jA8o8Vc.gif]

Third Tree
[Image: WoeInYv.gif]

Fourth Tree
[Image: ulo7kAh.gif]
[Image: giphy.gif]

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