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Poll: Would Force sensative skills Costing zero be to big a boost.
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To Big a Boost
1 12.50%
Minor Buff people can live with.
7 87.50%
Total 8 vote(s) 100%
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Force Sensitive Skills and Jedi Strength
Hey it's been about a month since I unlocked Jedi and I kinda wanted to get into my experiences with it the fun and the flaws. To start off when i unlocked i did not have a stockpile of power crystals so my sabers had a very high force cost and with vanilla downtime it would take 14 mins to regen a full bar about 5 mins of sitting to regen with meditate as a full temp Jedi.

I tried as high defense specs as i could and at best with the crystals i had and with a second gen saber I could kill a nightsister protector using my full force bar to do it. For reference when i dropped jedi and just picked up swords stacker to farm crystals i could kill the protector faster with a swordsman be in no danger and also do them in masse or higher end mobs like elders pretty easily which my jedi could barely tank and certainly did not have the force even with channel to last for a 300k ham mob even if he could survive.

I am not someone who thinks jedi should be above other classes or tankier then comp wearing melee profs. But one thing that i think can help jedi a bit without increasing dmg at all and just increasing some sustainable force regen and a bit more flexible templates is to allow you to either forget the force sensative skills or have them cost zero points.

This would allow you to get channel as a bonus to any spec you make and with vanilla force rates you need channel to be able to not spend half your time afk waiting for force to regen even with it force management is still a thing. I feel the current set up forces the jedi to pick up some enhancement to get channel force no matter what the spec to do higher end mobs kinda making the most fun part of jedi the ability to play around with temps a bit more cookie cutter.

I don't think this buff would make jedi more tanky then swordsman or tka and with acklay PH and NS queen VK's i dont think they will be stronger either but i think this change would smoothe out force regen leading to more flexibility in specs and a bit of a boost in ability with even more of a challenge in micro managing abilities. 

I encourage people with experience as jedi to look at the prof calculator to see if they think the extra skill points from losing FS skills would be game breaking or just a small boost since i dont have as much info as other people in this.
While Jedi shouldn't be OP it should have some benefit due to the grind you have to do.
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I agree with Brild that it needs an improvement.

Ignore my vote for "To big a boost", I meant to click the other option.
Yes, please make Jedi useful.
This feature has been implemented, Force-sensitive skills cost 0 skill points.
[Image: giphy.gif]
I think this is a great start!!
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