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(11/12/17 Patch Notes)
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[Fixed] Jedi Consular/Diplomat Robes should now have the correct force regen and max force stats.
[Fixed] Jedi Consular/Diplomat Robes should now have the correct force regen and max force stats.
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[Added] 3 new upgraded textures for new loot crates Silver. Gold, Platinum
[Added] 3 new upgraded textures for new loot crates Silver. Gold, Platinum
[Added] 10 new playable species/races male/female "some items may need to be edited to be worn please report any you come across"
[Added] 10 new playable species/races male/female
Merged Public Custom content by: Takhomasak , Lasko
Merged Public Custom content by: Takhomasak , Lasko
(CREDIT: Sunrunner II)
(CREDIT: Sunrunner II)
[Added] Bespin, Dagobah, Coruscant – updated Taanab, Hoth, Nal Hutta, Kashyyyk
New Travel UI:  Galaxy Map is much larger, there are NEW travel routes (they’re not drawn on the map yet, so look at the drop down menu – some may have CHANGED)
New Mounts: Lava Fleas, Kashyyyk Banthas, and Moufs.  Also added Kwi and Snorbal, but they have some graphics issues…
[Added] cloning points to all planets, zones, and instances.
Avatar Platform is now mostly populated with Blackscales. Transport is still from the parked ship on Kashyyyk (near 500,500).
Imperial Star Destroyer transport is now from the Scavenger starport on Hoth.
Echo Base now has a door covering the hangar bay, entrance is only from the NPC at the Scavenger starport. Command level elevator is in the Med bay (the room you start in), as well as the ‘Exit Dungeon’ NPC.
HK-47 Army instance is now accessible from just outside the front door of Mensix, by the Sher Kar teleporter.
Nova Orion Station can be reached from teleport NPCs in the ‘star map’ rooms of the Coronet and Mos Eisley starports, and the Theed hangar (right side).  From Nova Orion, you may travel to any adventure planet.
Planet Updates:
[Added] Bespin – added Cloud City, ‘Core’ bunker.  Accessible from Hoth, Endor.
[Added] Mon Calamari, Kuat, Myrkr, Wayland, Kessel, Tralus, Ghomrassen, and Ord Mantell to the travel terminals – they are in varying states of completion.
Dagobah – added the base terrain, Yoda and Obi-Wan are there if you can find them.  Mynocks and Snakes spawn.  Accessible only from Hoth or Nova Orion.
Coruscant – this is Levarris’ version, made public in the MTG assets I use as a base.  I have activated it as a placeholder until I make my own.  It’s got four districts and is fun!  No quests or enemies or housing or resources there.  Just for exploration and maybe RP at this point.
Taanab – terrain fixes, grass doesn’t grow on cliffs now, and it does grow around the ocean, up to the beach now.  Added many of the original SOE-designed mountains back.
Hoth – added two more mountain regions, re-mixed rock and snow shaders in all mountain regions.  Added Mynocks, Crystal Snakes to planetary spawns.  Added dynamic Rebel and Imperial Snow Trooper camps in the wilds.
Nal Hutta – added a few static items, a few new landforms, new generic planetary map.
Kashyyyk – added Feral Wookiees to world spawns, added a static Kkorrwrot spawn in Hracca Glade.
[Added] new music to Taanab, Dagobah, and Coruscant.
[Added] Mustafar.
[Added] Nova Orion Station.
[Added] Necrosis boss to Myyydril Caverns, as well as an escape teleporter at the end of the cave.
[Added] Sher Kar Cave and Sher Kar boss.
Review of access to new zones:
  -Nova Orion Station may be accessed from the ‘starship terminal room’ in Mos Eisley Starport (it’s to the right)
  -Mustafar may be flown to from Nova Orion Station.
  -Heroics:  Axkva Min: bottom of the NS Stronghold Cave
  -IG-88: outside Nym’s Stronghold main building
  -Exar Kun: bottom of Exar Kun’s Temple on Yavin
  -ISD: by the shuttle at Emperor’s Retreat on Naboo
  -Echo Base:  at the Scavenger Starport on Hoth (or just head north/northwest)
  -Myyydril Caverns is open @ approximately -1800, 1800 on Kashyyyk
  -Sher Kar Cave may be accessed via teleporter outside Mensix Mining Facility on Mustafar
  -Fly to Hoth, Taanab, Kashyyyk, or Nal Hutta from Corellia.
(all of these travel routes and methods are subject to change in the near future)
[Removed] Extra check on hair for new species/races
== 10/21/17 Patch Notes ==
== 10/21/17 Patch Notes ==

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11/19/2017-12/04/2017 Patch Notes


[Added] 50 new artifact items. Artifacts can now be used as decorations or you can now radial menu them to scrap them for a few credits.

[Added] Flurry Diamond crates These drop 5 component loot items at once bones, blood, tissue, motors, cubes etc etc

[Added] New animations when opening crates / Life Day Items

[Added] Players are now informed of what damage type they are being hit with. Check combat log to see when struck by a weapon

[Added] New server broadcast for gcw actions pvp,bases related

[Added] Interplanetary travel from regular shuttles

[Added] First Steps for our Heroic Boss Encounter Teleport System

[Added] More extraction when foraging eggs,shellfish,forage items,medical forage items

[Added] force luck and Luck tapes to increase credits gained

[Added] Bigger bonuses to milking creatures

[Added] Requested clothing attachments/armor attachments to loot bioengineer, creature handler, commando tapes

[Added] New dot animations

[Added] Encap Animations

[Added] Increased max group size from 20 to 100

[Added] Aditional effects for force meditation

[Added] Event Vendor in Cnet, see here for his purchase options Coronet Event Dealer

Lifeday Prep

[On Test] Rebel and Imperial Snowtrooper Armor schematics

[On Test] Wampa Loot


[Enabled] Life Day

[Enabled] 2 extra character slots can be made until Jan 1st. 7 characters in total.


[Adjusted] Yellow, Exceptional, Legendary loot chance, This was needed for the new Diamond crates, remember weapons and armor are only craftable, you may not be able to find these items in loot, high-end components will be a lot more rewarding to find now.

[Adjusted] Galactic Travel cost from 5,000 credits to 1,000.

[Adjusted] Stat regenerating when sitting out of combat. This is more rewarding for the player less time sitting in one place.

[Adjusted] Force meditate ticks from 3 force a tick to 10 force a tick.

[Adjusted] Leveling up animation / max experience.

[Adjusted] join group animation.

[Adjusted] Invite group animation.

[Adjusted]Bikini / Fleshwrap / Exotic Leotard have all been restricted back to only female characters... (you sick bunch).

[Adjusted]Twilek Headwraps can now only be worn by Twileks again.


[Fixed] Sharnaff loot table now set to the correct template.

[Fixed] Fambaa loot table now set to the correct template.

11/12/17 Patch Notes

Double XP is turned on until Nov 27th


[Added] All races can wear all clothing.

[Added] All races can wear all weapons.

[Added] All races can wear all armor.

[Added] More playable races/species.

[Added] Jedi should be able to wear backpacks while in Jedi Robes.

[Added] Jedi can now heal while on their backs.

[Added] Corvette mission badges / core3 latest Corvette updates.

[Added] Ending quest/ejection point from player Tutorial.

[Added] Extra FS intro quest data from core3 updates.

[Added] FS outro required quest data from core3.

[Added] Merchant profession now requires 0 skill points.

[Added] Image designer profession now requires 0 skill points.

[Added] Force Sensitive skills now require 0 skill points.

[Added] You can now image design anywhere in the game.

[Added] You can now stat migrate as any race anywhere in the game "unbuffed / out of combat only".

[Added] *Most* Vehicle Deeds now use the vehicle model itself and not the deed object.

'Before selecting a new race, try them out on test server first to see the extent of there abilities before you invest any time on the live server"


[Adjusted] Crafted Faction Armor, now has the correct encumbrance.

[Adjusted] Starting cash increased from 100 to 10000 credits cash.

[Adjusted] Starting cash increased from 100 to 10000 credits bank.

[Adjusted] Starting gear for all professions weapons, tools, vehicle, mini suite, 11 starting resources.

[Adjusted] Jedi heal delay to a flat 1-second timer.

[Adjusted] Blood stack sizes from 1,4 to 5,15 charges increased from 10,25 to 15,30 "These items will be soon able to be found in the new component Diamond crates coming soon".

[Adjusted] Janta hide stacks from 1,7 to 5,15.

[Adjusted] Chance for random skill mods to be on looted weapons/wearables from 1 in 500 to 1 in 100.

[Adjusted] How often Yellow items can drop, Yellow chance 1 in 1,000 to 1 in 500.

[Adjusted] How often Exceptional items can drop, Exceptional chance 1 in 100,000 to 1 in 50,000.

[Adjusted] How often Legendary items can drop, Legendary chance 1 in 1,000,000 to 1 in 500,000.

"NOTE When looting Yellow Exceptional or Legendary items remember that our loot table do not offer weapons or armor, our end game loot is still focused on weapon/armor components, with these changes you will be able to find much better min/max damage components for your crafts" [Adjusted] Corellia bela vistal Faction troops respawn from 60 seconds to 5 minutes.

[Adjusted] Corellia static spawn Faction troops respawn from 60 seconds to 5 minutes.

[Adjusted] Yavin4 static spawn Faction troops respawn from 60 seconds to 5 minutes.

Fixed [Fixed] Jedi Consular/Diplomat Robes should now have the correct force regen and max force stats.

[Fixed] Ootini has remembered how to use his T21.

[Fixed] BARC Speeders should now have experimentation enabled.

[Fixed] Bugged idl/wandering rebel commandos on yavin mining outpost.

[Fixed] Bugged idl/wandering rebel commandos on Dantooine abandon rebel base.

[Fixed] Bugged idl/wandering gungan rejects on Naboo mordran POI.

[Fixed] Hero of Tatooine screenplay errors.

[Fixed] Emperors retreat idling / wandering npcs to work correctly.

[Fixed] Bugged yavin 4 Rebel theme park at the exarkun temple.

[Fixed] Sith shadows encounter data pad loot.

[Fixed] FS CS base control Shields Power / Timer.


[Removed] Bugged squill from the squil cave.

[Removed] Wildernerf world boss, Boss AI was breaking, disabled until fixed.

11/11/17 Patch Notes

Fixed [Fixed] Turned back on Moenia screenplay, Moenia should now have a population again. [Fixed] New Player Resource Pack now requires 24hs played on Flurry, Sorry Day 0 Vet Rewards have been known to cause errors so this had to be fixed. [Fixed] Broken loot groups on Bloodrazor Faction NPCs [Fixed]NGE House schematics will no longer allow factory runs. [Fixed]BARC Speeder will now require a drop schematic to craft. [Fixed]BARC Speeder will now take the correct tick damage for use. [Fixed]Jedi Belts and Robes have had the option to make factory crates removed. [Fixed]Jedi Diplomat Robe and Jedi Consular Robe should now be craftable. Added [Added] Custom event creatures, these will be used for Ranger Hunt events, the beasts all drop a massive amount of creature resources when harvested. [Added]First round of weapons updated to allow use by the custom races. [Added]Resource names have been edited, Resources will now display their Resource Type and Resource Name by default. You will need to split and restack old resources for the new names to apply, new resources will come with the new naming applied by default.

[Added to Test] A Beta version of the new Mechanic Class is now on test. You can try out the class, be aware the crafting schematics for the vehicles are still not all complete to their final form, but feedback is requested and encouraged on the overall feel of the class.

11/4/17 Patch Notes

Fixed [Fixed] Characters being created with bald hair, Old characters that are bald can ID and have hair again! [Fixed] Weaponsmith custom weapon names and descriptions should be back again. [Fixed] Removed BARC speeder from Master Artisan default schematics, this should again be a loot drop schematic.

Added [Added] 2 Extra Robes [Added] Menu component to all old crates so you can now get your old rewards from old crates you looted

Updated [Updated] Added, even more, loot to npc/creatures on all planets, all existing special drops retained. [Updated] Artifact loot drop rate temporarily reduced, until full loot tables for artifacts are implemented, Artifact loot has been replaced with the Junk loot table. [Updated] Janta loot drops increased. [Updated] All CSR abilities, removed the ability for CSRs to call Bluefrogs. [Updated] Ui galaxy planet map [Updated] Locked Container loot adjusted to drop few furniture schematics. [Updated] Tier 2 & 3 loot crate drops adjusted to drop fewer furniture schematics. [Updated] Creature Handler mounted pet speeds increased.

Event 9 more days left to create your 6th character slot.

10/28/17 Patch Notes

Halloween Event ends Nov 1st

Extra character slot upgraded extended until Nov 15th


[Added] 3 new craftable jedi belts

[Added] Client effect when leveling up

[Added] Improved Planet Ui maps, All plants are able to be traveled to from any planet no more planet hoping

[Added] All base planet travel tickets cost 250 credits, Price may change later on for newer planets.

[Added] Custom Assets to loot crates

[Added] Weather to all new planets

[Added] 3 new upgraded textures for new loot crates Silver. Gold, Platinum

[Added] 10 new playable species/races male/female

Merged Public Custom content by: Takhomasak , Lasko (CREDIT: Sunrunner II)

10/21/17 Patch Notes

Crate System Added Loot Crates System tier 1 "silver" tier 2 "gold" tier 3 "platinum"

Website Crate Information http://www.swgflurry.com/crates.html

[Added] Friend Referral Crates

[Added] Holloween Crates


[Added] New Player Resource Pack, designed for new players, a new Day 0 Vet reward has been added, /claim will allow you to gain a resource pack which when opened will give you between 500 and 1000 of 11 different Recycled Resources, this should help fledgling crafters on their first couple of days.

[Added] Custom Jedi Robes, Qel-Droma Battle robes type 1 and 2 have been added, these schematics can drop from the Platinum tier crates, you will need to get a tailor to create them for you, you will also need a Cortosis Clothing Treatment, this is an uncommon drop from any crate.

[Added] Corellia has had its NPC loot system revamp completed, all Silver, Gold and Platinum Loot containers now have the appropriate loot tables.

Notes: Any creature or NPC has the chance to drop a loot crate, drop percentages are based on the rarity of the crate, all crates have a chance to spawn a crate of the next tier higher when opened. Platinum tier crates can contain NO-DROP Jedi schematics, this is intended, we did not want Jedi Schematics to end up being on vendors.


[Update] Mission terminal no shows up to 25 missions at once, 3 maximum missions in log.

[Update] All pirate faction loot (Meatlumps/Hidden Daggers) should now drop again from the correct mobs.

[Update] NGE house crafting bonuses have been reinstated, +5 Experience and + 5 Assembly for all crafting types

NOTE: you will need to pick up and replace the house to gain these bonuses.

[Update] All player housing signs have been updated to include all available sign types.

[Update] Added Jedi Force Shrine to the Jedi and Sith Meditation Room NGE houses, if placed already they will need to be picked up and replaced for the change to take effect.

[Update] Locked Container loot tables have been adjusted to drop less potted plant schematics.

[Update] Player City Hospitals now have the passive wound healing abilities of the NPC city hospitals.

[Update] Tweaked loot values on Ootini and Wildernerf.

[Update] Client close object range has been changed from 192 to 512, this should lower the amount of "pop in" of trees and buildings.

[Update] All faction NPCs now have the chance to drop consumable Faction items that can grant up to 500 faction.

[Update] GTC - Remnant and Temple Mount added as destinations, Imperial Outpost on Yavin4 missing GTC terminal added.

[Update] Entertainer buff duration extended to 3 hours.

Hotfix Notes

[Update] All Faction NPCs now drop T1 -3 Loot crates in addition to their standard loot, They also now have an increased chance to drop Credit Marks and also consumable faction tokens.

[Update]Faction Requisition officers have returned from being MIA, they now offer to sell Gold T2 crates for 10 Credit Marks and Platinum T3 for 25 Marks.

[Update] Static Spawn NPCs around Coronet have had their loot reduced, they can now only drop up to T1 Crates. Usual loot has not been affected.

[Update] Blasterfists should now be craftable again.

[Update] Locked Containers now have a chance to drop T2 crates.

[Fixed] Qel-Droma Battlerobe, should have 300 Max force not 50.

[Fixed] Tosh Travel.. again

[Fixed] Player House Sign locations

Event Updates [Updated]Afflicted Civilians are now on a much longer respawn, they have also had their loot reduced, they now only have a chance to drop Halloween loot and up to T1 Crates.

[Fixed]Event Bosses now drop the correct loot.

Custom graphics for the T1-3 loot containers

10/14/17 Patch Notes

[Added] Faction Credit Marks added to the loot tables of all Faction NPCs (600+ items) Credit Marks can be turned into the Faction Requisition Officers in Theed Naboo. Imperial -4932, 4229 Rebel -4867, 4047

[Added] No Trade crafting schematics for Imperial Stormtrooper Armor to Imperial Requisition Officer.

[Added] No Trade crafting schematics for Camo Imperial Stormtrooper Armor to Imperial Requisition Officer.

[Added] No Trade crafting schematics for Rebel Assault Armor to Rebel Requisition Officer.

[Added] No Trade crafting schematics for Camo Rebel Assault Armor to Rebel Requisition Officer.

[Updated] Loot table for Ootini and Wildernerf.

[Updated] all Stormtrooper NPCs to correctly drop items from the Stormtrooper_common loot list.

[Updated] all Imperial Officer NPCs to correctly drop items from the Imperial_officer_common loot list.

[Updated] all Rebel_Commando NPCs to drop items from the jabbas_common loot list as there is no Stormtrooper_common equivalent loot table.

[Updated] all Rebel OfficerNPC to correctly drop items from the Rebel_officer_common loot list.

[Fixed] Kuns Blood crystal to be correctly Red and not Brown.

[Fixed] GTC Terminal Errors.

[Fixed] Bug that had Sith and BARC speeders part of the Master Artisan box.

[Fixed] Hit % on Shard of Exar Kun reduced from 75 to 45.

[Removed] Unused Imperial and Rebel Exchange Vendors in Coronet

10/7/17 Patch Notes

Weekly Development Tasks Start AI improvement for the planet Corellia Improve Crate system loot mechanics Add 2 new world boss's Star framework for Crate NPC BlackMarket System

10/1/17 Patch Notes

This month we will be shortening patches to every week instead of every 4 weeks. "This process will help speed up custom content on the live server"

October 1st - November 1st 1 Extra Character Slot Promotion

Quality Of Life Changes

[QOL] Changed vendor listing to 90 days from 30

Custom Content

[Custom Content] Tatooine World Boss Ootini added.

[Custom Content] Dantooine World Boss Janta Chieftain added.

[Custom Content] Corellia World Boss Wildernerf added.

[Custom Content] Yavin 4 World Boss Shard of Exar Kun added.

[Custom Content] 20 new craftable furniture items added to loot tables.


[Added] Locked Container loot updated.

[Added] NGE House schematics added to loot tables.

[Added] Crafted 5th Gen sabers added to loot table.

[Added] Rare Painting Vendor in front of corella starport Accepts only CA/AA only.

[Added] Boosted all Harvester rates by 2x.

[Added] Lower City maintenance cost for specializations by half.

[Added] Improved values for Jedi death XP loss "Jedi who chose 1x will loose 40,000 xp Jedi who choose 2x will lose 80,000 xp Jedi who choose 2.5x will loose 100,000 k xp These values Double on Double xp Weeknd, 80x, 160x,200x".

[Added] Lootable XP Token that grant one box full xp.

[Added] Scrap System to all junk Items, Radiul menu a junk item recycle it for credits, you can still take them to junk dealers for more credits.

[Added] Rare Artifact System Artifacts can be radial "right click" you can find hidden treasures in these items Remeber if you reveal the treasure you will lose the artifact in its place.

[Added] Imperial Faction Point Token Radial menu these items to collect 500 Imperial faction points Can be found on any Rebel npc Item can be traded or sold.

[Added] Rebel Faction Point Token Radial menu these items to collect 500 Rebel faction points Can be found on any Imperial npc Item can be traded or sold.

[Added] Increased Vote xp for mayors from 300 xp a vote to 3000xp a vote.

[Added] Lower city week timer for xp gain on votes from 21 days to 7 days.

[Added] Collection System Tier 1 Crates drop 1 item, Tier 2 crates drop 2 items, Tier 3 crates drop 3 items. "Tier 1 items are rolled on a lvl 100 creature level, Tier 2 items are rolled on a lvl 200 creature level, Tier 3 items are rolled on a lvl 300 creature level".

Collection system is available on every single np/ creature in the entire game Tier 1 crates are 10% 1 item Tier 2 crates are 5% 2 items Tier 3 crates are 1% 3 items

Example on how Creature level plays a role. "If you looted a Clothing or armor attachment from a level 100 creature crate the stats would vary from 5-10 stats, level 200 creatures would be 15-20 stats level 300 would be 20 -25 stats The higher the creature level the higher the stats on the object when it rolls." This is an example loot crates have tons of items in them.


[Update] Updated Galactic Travel Terminal, fixed and added new locations.

[Update] Added GTT Terminals to player shuttle buildings, existing Shuttles will need to be picked up and replaced for the terminal so show up.


[Fixed] BH Jedi death xp loss min 50,000 max 100,000 this stacks on top of cloning xp loss. BH and cloning now have lower xp loss.


[Changed] Phase 3 from 24 hours to 1 hour.

[Changed] Phase 2 to 1-hour timer instead of 24 hour.

[Changed] revealed Decimal on pearls/crystals for Jedi.

[Changed] /gmfsvillage command to reset phase 1-4 for all players.